The Darkside and the Light – the Anatomy of a Room in Mayhem in Single Valley

Arranging Layers Rooms in Mayhem in Single Valley (download demo for Win, Mac, Linux) are made up of many separate images (sprites). A sorting script organizes the order in which the sprites are layered within a room, that is, whether a sprite should appear in front of or behind another sprite even as characters, items, and […]

Fluxscopic Ltd. And Where I’m At Today

With Tale of Tales retreating from the indie games scene, Steam offering refunds on games with under two hours of clocked playtime, and Desura’s parent company going bankrupt, it’s been an unnerving month for indie games creation. Backstory Before I discuss where I’m at today, I’d like to talk about You Are Not a Banana and how Fluxscopic Ltd. came into being. Like Tale […]